One year’s seed, seven years weeds

One year’s seed, seven years weed (2006) Solo Exhibition.
GALERIE PAOLO BOSELLI Rue des éperonniers 59 Spoormakersstr / B-1000 Brussels

For many people nettles are just a weed, something to get rid of. Coming from Europe, nettles are growing now in almost each part of the world, resilients and infesting, they have always been employed like medicinal herbs or food.

The work produced for this personal exhibition, by the means of three materials (sound, felt, and bronze), creates a broad space of resonnance where the nettle is the symbol of paradox and conflicts generated by free movement in a global system. To use the nettle as matrix raises the question of how freedom is allowed and in which context, and cultivates something invasive among what is accepted as part of nature.

“These resilient nettles that germinate in marginalized spaces despite the efforts put forth to rid of them, provide a strong suggestion to transform, to build in our mind and to cultivate in our culture something that we usually ignore and neglect or we think is not useful.”