one year’s seed, seven years weed

One year’s seed, seven years weed (2006-2007) audio work. Four voices whisper texts collected on the web on how to get rid of weeds. Exhibited at Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy

Text fot audio installation.
Unless you’re planning on wearing a full-body Kevlar leotard every time you walk out of your house, there is a substantial likelihood that you’ll encounter some sort of nastiness with a personal vendetta against you. Face it, it’s a jungle out there. Beware each of them has large teeth as if reaching out to bite you. You can’t get close to them. If you do they’ll hurt you. Upon arrival they take over, spreading rapidly, digging their roots and reproducing themselves. In every ditch you could find those persistent fuckers. Get them off my property, out of my town, eradicate them all from this earth. Because they grow as if they had a mind of their own. They’re savage. They will hurt you. Don’t expose yourself. Without any warning or apologies, they will hurt you. I say yank them away from everything that matters to you. Poison them. Make sure you eradicate them. Even in the wild they have to be controlled or they will take over everything. Suppress them. It’s one of the certainties of life that they will return. So be vigilant! … and they seed themselves like the devil. I say kill them all. Gas is good. You could use hot water. Boiling water. Believe me they won’t come back. While the bureaucrats have made it illegal, nobody sane will give a damn. Be careful what you  do, they grow and  multiply like there’s no tomorrow. I hope this  won’t keep you from going outside.