small carving 2022

Love the Lost Love (2022) bruno caramella alabaster: H. 26.4 cm.

small ithyphallic sculpture (2022) peach alabaster: H. 18.7 cm

Eden (a sculpture of the world that has nothing in common with the world), 2022. Grey Nero alabaster: H. 23.4 cm

Desiderio, eterna notte (2022) bruno caramella alabaster and Italian agate inlays: H. 40.5 cm.

Ut sol (2022) Italian agate: H. 29 cm.

quasi-celestial (destination), 2022. Verzino di Frabosa marble with Gaboon ebony inlays: H. 25 cm

Queen (2022) silver cloud alabaster: H. 20.6 cm

the task of dying (2022) peach alabaster and stone inlays: L. 22 cm

aura (2022) where alabaster: H. 15 cm

myth & nihil (2021-22) princess carlotta green alabaster and peach alabaster: two forms H. 8.2 cm and H. 10.3 cm

the task of dying (2021-22) ebony, plaster, soapstone: H. 10.1 cm